VFDs Get Creative About Recruiting

This article from the Post Star in Northern New York State outlines some of the creative steps their fire departments are taking to attract new members.

I applaud their efforts to diversify their membership, both in age and in function. Fire Explorers, Junior Firefighters, and FireCorps members are a great way to expand your work force.

Allowing interested candidates to specialize as fire police or pump operators is a great way to spread the work load. As the article says, not everyone needs to be the person running into the burning building as all the sane people are running out.

I like the fact that they took the effort to write and secure a SAFER grant to enhance their recruitment and retention efforts.

I still have some issues with the discussion about how training requirements are discouraging prospective members but, overall I thought the fire departments and officers quoted did a good job of detailing the opportunities they offer for their citizens to get involved in protecting their communities.

The bottom line is: They’re doing something about it. They’ve admitted that the old way isn’t working and they’re trying something new.

The only remaining question is: Whaddayou gonna do about it?

Read the Full Article from the Post-Star —
Fully-involved effort: Fire companies attempt new ways to recruit volunteers

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