Resources – The countywide recruitment clearinghouse I created to help bring in 500+ new volunteers each year for our county’s 93 volunteer fire departments. – EMS companion site to – This is where I hung my helmet every day for more than 20 years. – 48,000 members (strong?) – Great R&R resources available for download – mostly user-generated. – I think everyone should have one – If it’s free – it’s for me! and – Nobody recruits better than the military! – Rockland County Rocks! They have their own recruitment radio show. How cool is that? – Rockland County’s (NY) cool recruitment video – Props to Suffolk County’s (NY) Web Site for R&R – North Carolina’s recruitment video that demonstrates how people transition from every day people to every day heroes. Nicely done! – Nice recruitment video and ads from a county-wide fire department (Wow! Now there’s a crazy-ass idea) – You absolutely, positively have to buy the DVD and the book “Pride & Ownership” by one of my personal heroes: Chief Rick Lasky – Another must have. Great motivational tool for your troops and a great recruitment tool for your target audience – And last but certainly not least, from my friend and mentor Billy Goldfeder: Not much about recruitment but I’m pretty sure “keeping us alive” is a great start towards retention. If you’re not subscribing to “The Secret List” – WTF?

Oh Yeah. I almost forgot:

Here’s a bunch more that I just can’t think of any smart-ass comments to say about: 

U.S. Fire Admin’s Retention and Recruitment for the Volunteer Emergency Services Challenges and Solutions Guide – FA-310/May 2007:

VFD Resources

Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment & Retention in Rural Pennsylvania

How to Recruit Volunteer Firefighters:


Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia: Development of effective Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Volunteer Fire Services

TOWN OF OKOTOKS (Canada) Volunteer Firefighter Job Posting:

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