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Coordinated Attack!


If you vent too early, oxygen is introduced and the fire can grow. Put water on the fire without proper ventilation and the trapped heat converts the water to steam and everyone’s survivability is compromised. A coordinated attack is critical ...

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Where there’s smoke…


Where there’s smoke…there’s a Delaware Volunteer Firefighter! proclaims this web site dedicated to recruiting more for their ranks. Delaware’s recruitment clearinghouse site does a great job of getting the right information in the hands of the right people by sharing scrolling ...

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Be a hero, save lives, join LVAC!

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Great job by the Lancaster Volunteer Ambulance Corps (LVAC)  in producing this professional video demonstrating their capabilities and dedication to the community, just in time to celebrate their 60th anniversary of service to the Town of Lancaster and Village of ...

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JOB OP: Senior Editor-FPP

JOB OP: SENIOR EDITOR Senior FPP Editor Fire Protection Publications (FPP), the world’s leading publisher of high quality and technically accurate fire and emergency services training materials, is accepting applications for the position of FPP Senior Editor. FPP is an ...

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