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MediaPost - a completely non-fire related web site - offers blogs and newsletters for marketing your ideas and opportunities to Hispanics, young kids, teens, Moms and even old kids - the Boomer generation. I bet if we really opened our minds and hearts, we could learn a lot from these outside resources and apply it to benefit virtually every part of our business. Imagine that!

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NEW TOOLKIT: Prospective Member Guide

The purpose of the Prospective Member Guide is to give the candidate a clear and fair understanding of what they're getting into. If it helps them realize it's not for them - it has done it's job and it only cost you a few pennies worth of paper.

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Run to the Curb!

"Run to the Curb!" is a work-in-progress blog I just created and a possible online book project too. There I'll share my experiences, my stories and my thoughts on our need to be better story tellers.

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