Is our business of delivering emergency services really that different from every other business in the world?

Are we sure we can’t possibly learn something by looking at other business models?

Are our current methods of attracting new blood to our brotherhood working so well that we don’t need to embrace new ideas?

I don’t think so.

Here’s an example of a free resource we can use to understand, market to and maybe, just maybe, even recruit the next generation of firefighters.

This blog from MediaPost focuses specifically on engaging Generation Y — the generation of people currently entering the marketplace, the business world and yes, even our world.

As I wrote in From the X-box to the Box Alarm at, “Understand them or not, like them or not – they are the future of the fire service. The reality is that there is no other generation from a parallel universe about to swoop down and save the volunteer fire service. They are it. Get over it. Get on with it.”

Thus, MediaPost – a completely non-fire related web site – offers blogs and newsletters for marketing your ideas and opportunities to Hispanics, young kids, teens, Moms and even old kids – the Boomer generation.

I bet if we really opened our minds and hearts, we could learn a lot from these outside resources and apply it to benefit virtually every part of our business.

What do you think?