Funk or Junk? Rockland’s Bravest

The FireRECRUITER’s helmet is off to my good friend and fellow recruiter Frank Hutton and Rockland County’s Creative Approach to the Fire Service Committee for putting forth a great effort in addressing recruitment and retention in their region.

With the help of a SAFER grant from the US Department of Homeland Security, they’ve produced a web site with cool videos for all age groups. features a music video and lots of great content in focusing on challenging prospective volunteers to “Be One of the Ones.”

And they’ve integrated collateral materials to support the web campaign including tent cards, brochures, kiosk, radio and outdoor advertising; and a complete package approach with a program folder wrapper.

During the development phase, Rockland’s Bravest promoted a video contest amongst local high schools, wisely bringing the students’ creative energy to the process and in the meantime, creating hype amongst one of their key target groups: 18 and under. They smartly integrated images and firefighters from the appropriate demographics that make up the population in their county located just outside of New York City. I’m sure they will reap the rewards of their efforts.

You may have heard about Rockland’s other innovative recruitment and retention efforts as detailed in R&R Clearinghouse: Rockland County published in 2009 at or as far back as 2004 when their committee was featured in Fire Engineering Magazine.

So what do you think, are the music videos and web content at funk or junk? Personally, I think they’re on the right track to recruitment success.

The real question is: What are you doing to attract new members?

Watch it there. Discuss it here.

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