Syosset Seeing Success

I came across this great story while scouring the web for recruitment success stories and was not surprised to see that this department was having success in bolstering their ranks.

According to this news story on their web site, the Syosset Fire Department in Nassau County, Long Island NY gained 20 new recruits as a result of a full-court press to increase their membership last year.

Their complete package approach to recruitment netted a 15% increase in firefighters for this busy suburban volunteer fire department. If you remember, they’re the same folks who took an innovative approach to adding a touch of gray to their ranks last year too.

And in good faith of full disclosure, I’ll admit that I’m biased in favor of Syosset as my good friend Rob Leonard is a firefighter there. Rob is also the chairman of FASNY’s Public Relations Committee, promoters of this year’s RecruitNY volunteer fire department open house program scheduled for April 9 & 10, 2011.

The FireRECRUITER’s helmet is off to the good folks from Syosset for taking the right steps to keep their volunteer fire department on the right path to serving their community for many years to come.

And as always, we need to read these stories and say to ourselves, what can we learn from their success?

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