VIDEO FILE: Erie County Boot Camp

With this entry, I’d like to start a new post to review some videos that provide insight into the fire service and others that are created to motivate citizens to join our ranks. Stop back often as we’ll try to regularly feature and review different videos.

12/08/09 — I’ll start at home with this link to our Boot Camp video developed by WKBW-TV (Channel 7 in Buffalo NY) which describes the 10-day intensive training that we offer every summer at the Erie County Fire Academy. This full length feature was first shown at the graduation ceremony for Boot Camp Class of 2006 during which it was filmed by WKBW Photographer Chris Couell and narrated by Pete Kenworthy, their news anchor who joined the Hamburg Volunteer Fire Department and was embedded in the class as a student.

Since then, the video has been shown at virtually every Firefighter 1 class orientation as well as at recruitment and public relations events. It gives a great overview of what the training entails as well as what the fire service is all about.

They then created an abridged video strictly to be used for recruitment efforts.

Here’s the link to the Erie County Fire Safety video page:

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