“VetNet” To Help Military Veterans Re-Enter Civilian Life


Sgt. Don Keuck is a Citizen-Soldier-Firefighter with the Doyle Hose Co. 1 Volunteer Fire Company in Cheektowaga NY and the NY National Guard

As we’ve shared before, recruiting veterans into the volunteer fire service can be a great solution to our staffing challenges.

They might just be the perfect candidate as we don’t have to teach them discipline, respect, honor, loyalty, chain-of-command or teamwork. In return we offer the camaraderie, adrenaline rush, teamwork and sense of value that they miss from active duty.

Check out this article at our sister site and think about the “VetNet” we could create in the Volunteer Fire Service. There’s an army of volunteers out there just waiting to be asked. Recruiting a Soldier|Firefighter may be the perfect fit for your volunteer fire department.

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