Satisfied with Success

I recently received this email from a fire department who found the resources at to be helpful to them in their recruitment and retention efforts. Perhaps it will inspire others to make a go of it and invest the time and energy into writing a SAFER grant application and in general, do something about their “situation.”

Here’s what they had to say:


Hope all is well. Here at Bellevue we are hitting recruitment & retention harder then ever. We recently received the SAFER grant and have used it for helping out in retention but along with that, we started our marketing.

In the next week we will have billboards up for a couple months and we are doing a postcard mailing to all of our residents, lawn signs, business cards. We created a prospective member guide and will be launching a brand new website. What we plan on doing is going through our neighborhoods to stop and talk with young people and hand them an application if they’re interested. We also set up a recruitment hotline.

Your website was a huge help to us.

Gabe Casucci
Bellevue Volunteer Fire Dept.